Thursday, April 13, 2017

Print/Copy Refunds

The official stance of GSU is no refunds.
Here is what the Panther Print site [] says about poor quality prints:
It is important to verify the accuracy and indicated cost of your print job before releasing to the printer. In case you send the wrong print job or change your mind about printing it, you are not obligated to print it. Simply do not print the job from the print release station and it will automatically be removed from the system later. If your print job jams or the print quality is poor, you may ask for a reprint. However, we are unable to provide credits or refunds. Simply ask a lab attendant for help if you need any assistance with print quality or use of the PantherPrint system.
(Presumably this also applies to copies, though I could find no documentation of that online.)

The only time a refund will be given is from a Panther Cash account at the time a student graduates or leaves the university. In which case, use this form:

If students have any questions or concerns, they are to call the  Auxilliary Services Office: 404-413-9500.

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