Thursday, August 28, 2014

Simson History Assignments

Just a quick reminder that there is a folder in the box  that contains assignments.  The one for Dr. Simson's HIST2111 class has just been added.

For this assignment, the students are divided into groups to explore several topics in U. S. History prior to 1700:
Indian Wars
Religion in the Colonies
Labor Supply
Settlement Patterns

They need to find both primary and secondary sources. The best places for primary are Annals of America or the digital libraries listed in the right column of the research guide at: .

If you need more support on the, please talk with Angiah or Pat.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Document Files in iCollege

You may have been asked to help students who cannot open files within their iCollege classes.  Because library computers have facilitating software installed (Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader), it might be more of a problem for students at home or on their own devices. This is a known problem being worked on by OIT.  In case you missed the email describing their most recent temporary solution, it is copied below.

Changes to Document Viewer to Better Handle Files
Over the past few days, the Document Viewer feature which allows you to view a .pdf, .docx, .ppt, and similar files without the need to download or have additonal software installed has not worked appropriately causing many of you to see a Loading message instead of seeing the contents of the file.
The University System of Georgia(USG) has worked with D2L to find a resolution to this problem.  They have attempted several solutions but have yet to find a permanent solution.  Therefore, the USG has disabled the Document Viewer feature temporarily.
Now when clicking on a content link and depending on the web browser, you will be presented automatically with the OPEN or SAVE AS option or the file will automatically download.  Depending on browser configurations, PDFs will likely render within the browser.   This action will eliminate the perpetual LOADING message.  
The USG will continue to work with D2L to find a solution to the Document Viewer issue.

Monday, August 18, 2014


As promised, here are the step-by-step instruction to help users get established in OneClick and ready to listen to their audio books:

Jag Talk (Wireless) Login

Please be aware that students have only one login at a time for the wireless network. We've had some problems of students not being able to get on the wireless for unknown reasons.  If they have been working on a wired computer or have the wireless automatically opening on their cell phones, they will not have another login for a laptop.

If they are attempting a second login on the laptop, they will receive a message--way down the page-- that they must discontinue the older login before continuing. They can do that by just clicking the link, terminating the Pharos session, or turning off that wireless network on their phone.

FYI- all staff have two simultaneous logins, so you can be on the FacStaff Jagtalk from multiple devices.