Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dictionary of Literary Biography

This much used and loved reference resource is available in both print and electronic forms. As you old-timers are aware, the print set was moved downstairs along the back wall near the restroom.  Students can use the cumulative index volume with the yellow dot to find references for their author of interest.

Because Gale publishes this work, we also have a handy-dandy finding aid through the Literature Resource Center database.  The Literary Index found in the database gives all volume numbers in the DLB (plus many other reference works) where an author is mentioned. For instance, here are the DLB entries for Sherman Alexie:  Dictionary of Literary Biography, volume(s) 175, 206, 278.  Just hand the volume numbers to a student, with instructions to the massive blue set on the back wall downstairs.

But wait, there's more!  Also in the Literature Resource Center, students can read the full text of the DLB articles online! Here's a screen shot of a person search on Alexie:

As you can see, #3, #5 and #11 are the DLB articles.   We've got something for everyone!  Print for those who like to feel the pages and electronic for those who want to do the research from home in their jammies.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ask US!

As we welcome students for the summer session, the ASK ME volunteers might stop by the ref desk to ask for a button.  You'll find those buttons in the drawer with our name plates.

AND feel free to put one on when you are at the desk. You know the answers to many of the questions new students have and will give them a warm welcome to the GPC community. You'll see copies of  the FAQs given to all the volunteers, along with important phone numbers at the desk.