Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Student Due Dates

You may have seen in the Intranet blog that due dates for students for most GSU books will now be the first day of the following semester, rather than 28 days from check-out. What does this mean?

Most students are happy that they have only one date to remember for returning their books.  They can also have the book  longer to do their research or reading.

However...GSU has always liberally used recalls to get back a book that is in high demand. We've rarely done that in the past.  A recall will generate a message to the patron who has the book that, if they have had the book for a minimum of 28 days, they must return it within 10 days or incur fines. In other words, the borrower is guaranteed a 28 day loan, after which the book is subject to recall.

In practice, that means that a recall might take up to 38 days to get the book for the patron making the recall.  With her typically shrewd and analytical mind, Beth Welch concluded that if all GSU copies of that title are checked out, it will be quicker to find it in the GIL Universal catalog and initiate a GIL Express Request.  (Thanks, Beth!) 

When assisting a patron in this process, please use the GIL-Find version of the OPAC. Check whether any GSU copies are available and if so, request the specific item as we are accustomed to doing. If all of our GSU copies are checked out, the GIL-Find interface will offer the option to recall or go to the GIL UC.  (See below.)

Sign on & Printing Problems - IMPORTANT

Log on
If any student has problems signing into a computer work station with their GSU credentials, please note the day, time, and Panther ID of that student. Send that info to me via email.  The Pharos folks are trying to figure out why the problem occurs for a small percentage of users. By supplying this information, we'll help them find the instance on their log to see what went wrong.

It helps to verify that the student has functional credentials by letting him or her log into iCollege on the ref desk computer.

If a student formerly had a GPC login, they can try using that to get on the network.  Sometimes it works.  That would be another clue to note on the info you send me.  If nothing works, create a visitor ID so the student can use a computer.

The Pharos Admin I spoke with today says that both JCards and Panthercards are supposed to work on the print release stations. However, once a student gets a Panthercard,  all funds should be transferred to it and the JCard is deactivated. There are many reasons the "unsupported card type" message appears after swiping.  In my experience, I've frequently needed to swipe three or four times before being cleared to print.  Have students keep trying whatever card they have.  That said, please enthusiastically encourage our students to get their Panther cards.  It's not only our future; it's our present for them. (Pun intended.) Amy has discovered that sometimes swiping the card in the copier seems to reset/clear the card which then will work in the printer. (No explanation, just try it.)We don't know yet. how to remedy the "Diebolt error." I'll add to this post when we have an answer.

Thanks to all for good humor and patience.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Assignment Log on Colored Paper

A professor is asking her students to print an assignment log on colored paper.  Though we do not usually accommodate requests for colored paper, we've printed a few extra copies to be helpful to students.  They are in a folder in the wooden tray on top of the ref desk.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

American government assignment

We have had several students coming in needing assistance with an American government assignment. Most of the answers are easy to find, expect one.

"Which president wrote under the pen name Juridicious?"

The answer is Millard Filmore.

Here is the response from the LOC:
According to Library of Congress Authorities, Millard Fillmore used the name Juridicus.

In addition, you can find Fillmore's publication, "An examination of the question, "Is it right to require any religious test as a qualification to be a witness in a court of justice?" Published 1907" on the Internet Archive at:

Student computer update

Computer number 22 is down. IIT informed us that it has a faulty hard drive and are working to fix it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clickable Links to All the Places We Go....

It starts to feel like there is something NEW every time we come into the library.

All our old links, tips and tricks for Perimeter College are not working.

There are some things that EVERYONE should be checking each time you work. See the clickable links below to places you will likely visit each time you work a shift. There is a very quick way to turn these links into snazzy Firefox Shortcut Icons that live on your desktop. If you would like my help, I'd be happy to help you add them the next time you're here. Otherwise, I strongly encourage you to visit each of these links and BOOKMARK or FAVORITE them in your browser of choice.

Thanks for all you do!    ....Amy

Monday, August 22, 2016

Advisement Phone Number

This info from Ann Mallard:

Please note that there is an actual phone number for Perimeter College Advisement which we can give out or call directly.

404-413-2350 – Perimeter College Advisement phone tree main number – student can select campus location from options 1, 2, 3, etc. to contact front desk of any PC advisement center.

And from the advising website, we also have the physical location, and what looks like a local campus number.

Feel free to share these numbers with students.  I think they will like it better than 3535.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Consolidated Registration & Student Records Services

 Below is link that outlines when and where key web services and resources are accessed for the Fall 2016 semester. Please check this page if asked any questions regarding registration, campus IDs, student enrollment (PAWS), class schedules, withdrawal procedures, or Brightspace (previously iCollege).

Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Important Helps for Students (Plus Scanning)

Ch-ch-ch-changes.  That will be our theme this fall. Be sure to read both the  library Intranet and Daily Digest to keep up--if we will still have a Daily Digest.

Here's one of the latest helpful posts about orientation, registration, and (most important) activating the GSU ID.

During intersession when the computer lab in E is closed,  students can use the scanner upstairs in the LTC.  They may need to save the file to a flash drive.  We have some drives to loan at the circ desk.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Student Information Post-consolidation

With consolidation, there are many new procedures and links to helpful information on registration and student records. You may get questions, so please familiarize yourself with this document:

There is also a printed copy in the large, white information notebook at the desk.