Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help for Student Laptops

Today a student came in with his laptop in recovery mode just as he needed to finish and print a paper.  Of course, it's a painful lesson in copying work to flash drives or mailing it to yourself to not lose any data, but I also wish I knew more and could have helped him.  (Carmel was out with a sick baby, so I couldn't appeal to our cyber expert.) He had already been to the lab in E building, but they couldn't help him and sent him to us. This brings up two things for us to remember:
  1. Do not touch a student computer because in doing so, you may incur liability for your actions.  This is also official OIT policy in the labs, though they are often able to talk students through to a solution.
  2. OIT has a service called techSPOT which offers direct support for student laptops.  The trouble for us is that it's only available on Clarkston and Newton campuses and only Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM. URL
Since I didn't remember the hours of techSPOT for the student who was panicked and in a hurry, I gave him the Service Desk number (678-891-3460) and told him he might need to go to Clarkston. Thankfully, it's Wednesday, and hopefully he could get the help he needed.