Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finals and Food

It's that time again.  Students are stressed, loud, apparently hungry, and borderline crazy.  We had to put up very explicit "No food in the library" signs, because of a couple of incidents when students got belligerent after being asked to take their snacks to the lobby.  (Public Safety got involved.) Just so you know, we're trying to consistently enforce the "no food/covered beverage only" rule. If you have an unpleasant encounter, I'd advise getting another staff person there as a witness and then "call for back up."
 Finals Schedule can be found at http://registrar.gpc.edu/final_exam_fall2013.html  (There are a couple of print copies at the desk.) So far as I know there is only one exam in our classroom & that's on the afternoon of Monday, the 9th from 1-3.

Thanks for all you do to help the students finish their projects and abide by the library rules!

Respondus Lockdown Browsers

If anyone is trying to take a test that requires the Respondus Lockdown Browser program, the computers in the Jag Spot (computer lab) have it. Go Jag Spot!