Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Locating Textbooks on Reserve via Consolidated Catalog

Sonia's Posting in GPC-LIBS list June 1, 2016:
This e-mail is for those who help students locate textbooks for their classes and for those who put items on reserve/take them off reserve

1.       To locate textbooks on reserve: 
a.       You can NO longer use Course Reserves link in GIL-Find. It takes to GSU Atlanta Campus reserves
b.      The most efficient method to help students to check if their books are available on reserve is to search by title (you can help students to use SIS or bookstore interface if they don’t know the title and don’t have their syllabus). It is critical for Clarkston campus to search by titles in GIL-Classic. Clarkston is using special call numbers located in the free-text field of item record. These call numbers are not displayed in GIL-Find.
c.       Our course lists did not migrate to the new catalog, so there is no longer a way to generate a list of all items on reserve for a specific course. We are working on finding a solution and will keep you updated
2.       To put new items on reserve/ take old items off reserve
a.       Currently, there is NO easy way to add/remove items through the circ module. Hopefully, we can discuss our workflow with downtown campus and come up with the workable solution. In a meantime, I can use the cataloging module to add/remove items for you, so please call or e-mail me. 
 Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your patience!
Sofia Slutskaya, Librarian
Technical Services
Georgia State University – Perimeter College **PLEASE update your contacts with my new email address.**