Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dunwoody Copiers now SCAN!

All 3 copiers are now ready and capable to handle scanning. Neil tested the email functionality from all 3 and reports that all systems are go.

I created a LARGE 4-step poster and placed one above the lower level copier and one between the two upstairs copiers on the bulletin boards.

FYI: Scanned files are quite large. If students are scanning pages dense with text and/or images, they may need to limit each scan job to 2-3 pages at a time to keep their email account from "bouncing" the file. GSU email also frequently sends the scan files to Junk and Clutter.

Monday, September 26, 2016

FYI: History and Poli Sci assignments: Chequita Webb and Dennise Turner

Assignment details are on the corresponding guide.

Research guides:

[group project] POLS1101 (Webb)

Wireless Printing

FYI: The Apple Mac printer driver for wireless printing does not work. It needs to be updated by the IT department. Students who wish to print documents on their Mac laptops will need to email them to their GSU account (or use a flash drive) and send the document from a library computer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Student Computers

We have ongoing problems with the student computers due to their age, the age of the network and the sheer volume of use. 

Here is a list:  #22 is awaiting parts for repair.

#16 and #6 apparently lost power supply, but had an easy remedy of unplugging and reconnecting to the power strip. (Sometimes turning off the power strip will produce the same result, but it usually requires an unplug/replug.)

Losing control of the mouse and keyboard is a known issue with DeepFreeze that I think I've written of before. Remedy:  do a cold reboot. Wait to see if the computer does an automatic reboot within a few minutes after being turned on again.  If it doesn't reboot yet another time and let it go through the automatic reboot. This usually does the trick, but it's time consuming.

Most of the downstairs computers and the two near my office are on the GSU AD.  If students have trouble logging into computers in the pods, send them to a computer that's already on the new AD.  Then their GSU credentials will work.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Call Slips to Perimeter Campuses

When students need to request catalog items from other campuses, please look first at what is at the five PC campus libraries.  If you request those items, the student will received them more quickly than from the Atlanta campus.  Plus we want to keep our circulation numbers up.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Broken/bad links to Films on Demand and SWANK video titles with WORKAROUNDS!

From Mary Ann: 

With Films on Demand: links and videos embedded in iCollege (at PC) prior to merge no longer work.  
  • To resolve the issue, the person will need to go to Films on Demand using the GSU Link and find the video be searching title. Instructors will find the new link/embed codes as before. 

Here are instructions from Denise Dimsdale about adding the GSU proxy to create links:
Here is a document from Sonya about linking/embedding Films on Demand videos in iCollege: 

SWANK:  The links from previous semesters are not working; we need to give instructors a new link.  They can place a request using this form:   If they do not want to wait, they can use method two….


Log into the database to access most of the SWANK films we have licensed.  
Exceptions are Disney-related films (Doctor, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Royal Tannenbaums, andTombstone) – They still need direct links for those.  

The problem happening with this method is that patrons are getting a security warning related to the proxy link.  They have to accept the “risk” to get to the GPC e-resources log in page.  Then they must enter their GPC username and password.  We are not sure if new PC students have a separate GPC username and password – theoretically they can retrieve it if they have a #900.  Kat Hart is trying to resolve this issue, probably by getting a generic username and password for this purpose.

Here is a guide that lists our SWANK films. It includes the form for instructors to request access links and information about using SWANK films:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pharos and Stuff

As many of you know, we have had  a few problems with sign-in credentials on student computers. Sometimes that is from user error--especially when students see "Sign in with your GPC username" on the screen.  It's confusing.  And sometimes, as in my case, the new GSU creds don't work, but the old GPC ones do. We're moving to the system that is used throughout GSU campus computers:  the GSU active directory, which will consistently accept GSU credentials.  Administered by IIT.

We will no longer have the Pharos sign-in agent on our student computers. What does that mean for us?  You can forget your Pharos password because we will no longer have a console to monitor the computers in the library for troubleshooting or terminating sessions for students or making visitor IDs. Tamika is meeting with people from downtown about how they take care of these essential functions and will hopefully have news for us within a few days.

Pharos will still be the system for sending print jobs to the release stations. Administered by the Pharos team.

Panther cards pay for printing, and the Dunwoody Panther Card Office has had multiple complaints that that student cards aren't working to pay for printing at the library. We haven't seen a big rise in complaints here, but the Auxillary Services people are concerned about student complaints.  (They called us.) Administered by Auxillary Services.

When students come here to work and print, they must deal with 3 separate systems administered by three separate units, and we're stuck in the middle trying to help.  The best advice for us (from all three of those tech units) is to pay attention to what part of the process seems to cause trouble and then share that information with them.  Therefore, we are keeping a log at the desk of technical problems with student computers and printing.

When there is a problem, please enter the date and time, the user ID of the patron, and a description of the problem under whichever of the three systems you see to be the point of trouble.  Hopefully we won't have to do it very long. Thanks for helping with this.

Monday, September 12, 2016

1101 Poli Sci Assignments (Webb and Mitchell)

There are some Political Science assignments this semester that may bring students to the Ref Desk for assistance. Assignment-specific LibGuides have been created for these classes. See the links below:

Dr. Webb has students looking at political contributions of African Americans and women between 1950-2000. This is a group project and the topic must be approved by Dr. Webb prior to the group starting their research. The LibGuide has the assignment specifics on the main page.


Dr. Mitchell has her POLS 1101H class writing on a current US domestic or foreign policy issue. Their primary source will the the congressional website, but they are expected to provide some background information on the policy as well. The LibGuide has the assignment specifics on the main page.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Learning and Tutoring Hours

The LTC doors open every weekday at 8:30 AM.  Full-time staff will be there to answer questions, but tutors do not arrive until 10. 

Fall Semester Hours for Tutoring

10 AM - 9 PM

1 PM- 5 PM


2 PM-5:45 PM