Thursday, January 21, 2016

Print previews and tax forms

If a document prints out with strange formatting, it may be happening because the student is printing directly from a print preview. Hopefully downloading the document first, and then printing, will resolve any issues.

As a heads-up to anyone who wasn't here during last tax season, the 1098 forms can be found in SIS. Most students know this, but I've had a few come and ask already this month.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Website

Have you seen our new GSU, Perimeter College website? I love the aerial views of each campus and the movement of water and people on the intro pages.

And I also admit that it's hard to find stuff there.

Probably the most helpful URL for you to bookmark is for our library:
It will still be the default on most of our library computers.  From there, everything will seem familiar. IF you forget the direct URL, the most elegant way to get to the library homepage from the website is to select either "Student" or "Faculty & Staff" from the top banner. Perimeter College Libraries are in the first column of links for students and the third column of links for staff. I'm so please we have such a prominent place in both set of links! The search box in the top banner also lets you limit to pages within the old GPC structure & works pretty well.

Tracy Adkins also sent this advice to faculty:
Navigating the New Website

How do you find legacy Perimeter College content?
The new main Perimeter College website went live last week and offers a new streamlined experience and updated content.  Many webpages for Perimeter College services are still going through a transition to the new look.  If you still need to access content on legacy webpages you can try a few of these techniques:
**The search box in the top banner of  lets you limit to pages within the old GPC structure & also works pretty well.(From PZ)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ASK ME, Spring 2016 edition

Welcome back to the students and part-time librarians!  This week (January 4-8) is orientation/registration for new students. Classes start next week.  There will be lots of people with questions, so please remember to wear your ASK ME button as you sit at the desk.

Here are the latest FAQs provided by Fran Mohr. (Hard copy also at ref desk.)

ASK ME Campaign – Spring 2016- Dunwoody Campus
Welcome to Perimeter College!  How may I help you?

Q.  Where do I turn in my (application, transcript, immunization form, test scores, other documents)?
A.  At the Admissions office on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B)

Q.  I need to talk to someone about admission to the college.  Where do I go?
A.  To the Admissions office 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B)

REGISTERING – Q: Where do I go to register for classes?
A.     January 6-8: NEW STUDENTS go to the Part II Orientation check-in station in the Student Ctr lobby. (Bldg. B).-1st floor at your scheduled time
January 11-12: go to the Advising & Counseling Office to sign up for a Part II Orientation. (Bldg. B). – 1st floor
B.     January 6-8: RETURNING STUDENTS go to Advising and Counseling Services Office (Bldg. B) -1st floor
January 11-12: go to Advising and Counseling Services Office (Bldg. B) -1st floor

Q.  Where is the Financial Aid office?
A.  In the Student Center. (Bldg. B)
Q.  Where do I go to pay for my classes?
A.  To the Student Accounts office located on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B).  You may also pay online at with a credit/debit card or check.

Q.  Where do I take my placement test?
A.  Pay for the test first at the Student Accounts office located on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B)  Take the test in the Testing Center in Bldg. C. Room 1260.

Q.  Where is the campus bookstore?
A.  Second (2nd) Floor of Student Center. (Bldg. B).  
Q.  Where do I get my student ID card?
A.  First (1st) Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B) Across from the rest rooms.
Q.  Where do I get a parking decal for my car?
A.  Public Safety issues parking decals and is located in the “I” building, the first building as you enter the main entrance to the campus on Womack Road.  You will need your student ID card and vehicle information including the tag number.

Q.  I went to my class and no one was there.  What do I do?
A.  Send student to the appropriate academic department office if possible.  If not, send student to the Enrollment/Registration office on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B)
Q.  I need to drop a class.  What do I do?
A.  Go to the Enrollment/Registration office on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. (Bldg. B)

Q.  I have questions about my online class.  Who can I talk to?
A.  Go to GPC Online/iCollege or email or call 678-891-3535.  The email usually will result in a much faster response.

Q.  Where can I find a computer?
A.  Computers and printers are available in the Computer Lab in the E Building – 1st Floor; E-0160), the Library on the 2nd Floor (LRC) and in Advising, Counseling and Retention Services.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Free Online ENGL 1101 Textbook

A free online textbook for ENGL 1101  is result of a collaboration between English faculty and librarian Mary Ann Cullen.  President Rob Watts challenged faculty to find a way to reduce costs for students. This free text is one answer to that challenge. Additionally, the USG has a program called Affordable Learning Georgia, which promotes open access resources for students. Perhaps best of all, our students appreciate the savings.

Several Dunwoody professors have adopted this text for use in the spring.  You may get questions from students about it or be interesting in taking a look yourself. Students will have direct links to the text in iCollege.  Here's a link for you to use:

If you'd like to know more about the development and use of the book, have a look at Mary Ann's guide: