Monday, November 18, 2013

Night or Weekend Tech Troubles

We arrived this morning to a line of students and no way to print because Pharos had a problem with JCard authentication.  We found out by talking with  Clarkston that the problem began over the weekend.  So sorry you had to cope with that.  Clarkston uses a tech trouble log to communicate all the computer/printer/copier trouble, but we'd rather opt for direct communication. When such trouble arises on the weekend or in the evening, please send email to Tamika, Carmel and Pat so that one of us can deal with it ASAP the next morning.  Please also remember that in an emergency, you can allow students to use the classroom as long as a librarian is in there at the podium to supervise.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Printing A-OK and Superstitious Behavior

My superstitious post from yesterday worked.  All is well for Dunwoody student printing, thanks (in reality) to Aviva's persistence and Neil's computer skills!

Beth Welch and I got curious about the origins of superstitious behavior like knocking on wood, crossing fingers, etc.  Turns out there are many theories about knocking on wood.  One is that in the children's game of tag, a tree is often designated "home" or a "safe" place.  Another possible origin has Biblical roots, equating wood with the cross.  A third idea is that in even more ancient times folks knocked on trees to ask the help of the spirits they believed dwelled within. (Hendrickson, Robert. Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins, Fourth Edition, New York: Fact on File. 2008, 480-81)

The origin of "keep your fingers crossed" is also not definitive, but probably related to the "sign of the cross" as protection from evil or hope for success.  Some sources (Wikipedia) attribute it to a secret code of Christian identification during persecution.  Others suggest it began among African Americans in the 17th century. Tradition indicates that little fibbers also think that crossed fingers make a lie "not count." (Hendrickson, 471).

Isn't being a reference librarian fun? 

Monday, November 11, 2013


No doubt you're aware of our printing woes.  Both printers on the main floor are dysfunctional. One has been out for over 3 weeks.  Because this is a prime time of semester for printing, the students are understandably confused and anxious when they can't print in their customary way.

They don't know there is a printer downstairs that networks to all the computers on campus.  Many don't know there even is a downstairs in this building.  (No kidding.) They definitely do not know where room 1540 is. Thank you for being patient with them, reassuring them their work will be on the system downstairs, and showing them the revised maps of where to find the room.

This has been routine for those of you who have been on the desk in the last week.  I'm hoping that writing this post will (magically) make the repair parts arrive, and that I'll need to write an update later today.  :-) Seriously, we have no estimated date on the repair. Let's all keep our fingers crossed (though it's hard to type that way-LOL)